I use image consultancy that incorporates coaching skills in a therapeutic environment to create real lasting change. 


I work holistically - this means I work with the whole of you, recognising that we are mind, body and spirit.



The explore and discover process.  My consultations will help us to discover your needs and unhelpful limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck. 


Implementing processes based on your needs:


•A foundational process of discovering your best colours - influenced by nature. 


•A tailored make up and product tutorial,  including skin care advise. 


•Wardrobe optimisation. Get the best out of your closet and save time trying to put together outfits. 


•Body and face shape assessment - recommending the right clothing and hair style.


•Shopping trips - discover clothing for your shape, lifestyle and budget. 


•Basic diet advice by helping you to create new healthy habits. 



Reviewing and revisiting the consultation process throughout - where we need to. Working on any beliefs patterns that's at be self limiting.


Help you express your authenticity - putting together your unique style 


Changing one area of your life can effect other areas too - I will always help you to acknowledge this and support you through the process so that you are always making conscious decisions.  


As a life coach, I can continue to work with you in other areas to help you continue to carve out your authentic life


Image Consultancy

Self discovery | Self love | Authenticity

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