How to promote self-confidence

June 18, 2017



How to be really confident.

Real confidence stems from real authenticity!! The reality is that many of us are still on the path of finding ourselves - and this process requires plenty of self love, after all, authenticity is the art of self love.

This blog is to help you think about ways of boosting your feel good factor - and ultimately improve how you view yourself.

•Practice positive psychology. Thinking about positive memories helps us to become more creative and resilient. By thinking of a happy memory when you felt fantastic about yourself will help build your confidence. Your mind is more receptive to making broader connections when you feel good - this is helpful in coming up with new ideas to make better decisions that will improve your life. Practice and see for yourself.

•Pamper yourself. The quick feel good factor of a beauty treatment is simply magical. It can be anything from having your hair done or for the gents having your bread lined and trimmed!  My personal favourite is a new set of acrylic nails - I love this one because I have a different colour/shape every time which is so fun. Maybe eyelash extensions or getting a facial is more your thing - or go for the whole thing and get a full body massage, you deserve it!

•Dress up - put on your best clothes, or favourite shoes. Whether this is a new item or an old favourite that never fails to make you feel fabulous. One of my all time favourite ways to quickly boost my confidence is to practice my make up - and in the age of the selfie mayhem, why not get involved and take some pretty pictures, share with your friends on social media (no it's not attention seeking) it's an opportunity to show yourself at your prettiest. 


•Do something that you love or you're good at. The feeling that comes from completing a task makes us feel accomplished and doing something we love makes us feel proud - both boost confidence.  

•Surround yourself with loving people and have fun. Being with people who accept you for who you are makes us feel cared for and understood. There's nothing more powerful for our confidence than being with those who love and accept us. Go wild and have some fun - laughing is a natural antidote to feeling blue.


•Do something for someone. This could include calling someone that you know who is having a hard time, and offering them a chat over coffee or offer cut an elderly neighbours lawn. Maybe you have skills that you can offer to a local school or community group (yoga, sewing, craft etc). Feeling appreciated makes us feel good about ourselves instantly, by improving how we view ourselves - having a better view of yourself increases your confidence. 


•Compliment people. I'm a firm believer in sending out the energy in which we want to receive. It sounds quite shallow to compliment someone in order to receive a compliment back - but it's not meant so directly. When we compliment another, it should always be because we genuinely feel it to be true and without any expectancy back. The aim here isn't to expect an instant compliment back but rather to enjoy how you have made another person feel good - this energy, when genuinely sent out will always return back to us.


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