Is Emerge Coaching right for you?

It's hard to know when we need support sometimes but if any of the following resonate - Emerge coaching could help you.

•Looking to dress for the job. Improve your chances of getting a promotion or pursuing your dream career. Improve your success in business.

•Suffered a recent illness where your confidence has suffered, and your appearance may have changed as a result.

•You are on the Autism disorder spectrum . Autism effects ones ability to understand social cues - this can be a positive in being unique however it can also create a sense of alienation to others. I can help you find the balance.

•Looking to get back into the dating arena. I can help you raise your confidence to get back out there dating - dating can be competitive - looking and feeling your best is a great foundation.

•People may tell you that you don't dress for you age (too old or too young). I can help you explore your style therapeutically.

•You're generally stuck with your overall appearance, often feeling the person in the mirror isn't you.

•You may know the style that you want/like but confidence issues or lack of know how are holding you back.

More people I can help:

  • Transgender.


  • Post-natal Mothers.

  • You maybe suffering from a long term illness.

  • Have body dysmorphia or have an eating disorder.

You may have different circumstances from the above but still feel that I can help you. Please contact me for an open non judgemental discussion.

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